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Oct 24, 2012 9:00am EDT
&pthank governor mitt romney... if he ere ppesident. s show she strikes terror... inno the hearts of experienced iiterviewers. what's the matter with reality star honeyyboo boo? she snores... she bounces... she sings. jeanne moos reports on the little guust... making a big commotion. 3 pick the toughest interviewee. &pis it dick cheeey... "soo" is it chaalle sheen? "i am on a drug and it's alled charlie &psheen." but they're child's play compared to honey boo boo... "let me ask you sooe questionn, honey?? "ohhh." hln's r. drew had to ontend with pretend snoring... "is t sleeping." but theewwek before on ktla, they prrbably wished singing) instead of belting - out songs... (nats of singing) the 7-year-old star of tlc's reality show "here comes honey boo boo".... (nats of pcratching mic) bounced her wwy through the interview...she playee games... "rock, paper, &pscissors, shoot." om didn't have enough hands to stop is on a tear while on her latest media tour. from extra... "baaa" to jimmy kimmee.... "what?" she cooldn't sit still.... "you better rednecknognize." the crrwd eco
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1